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2019 was the start of a great journey for me. I met with the Barangay officials of Payatas the councilors had lots of information of the history of Payatas. Located in the 2nd district of Quezon city, Metro Manila, Philippines. Payatas was most known for the dumpsite and the tragic landslide of trash that killed 218 people living on the dumpsite and caused 300 missing persons, it reopened months after the incident at the request of residents and scavengers who depended on the dumpsite for their livelihood.

I visited Payatas after hearing about these things i had to see it for myself. I was already traveling and seeing many places in PH that really hit me hard and to be told that what I saw was nothing that things were much worse I couldn’t believe it. I heard of the children not having any food, no shoes eating out the garbage so with over 100 bags of food for the children I went to go see it first hand. There was a little guy named Vincent that made sure I didn’t forget his name lol. as all the children the interaction was natural had very high spirits smiles everywhere. as children quickly lined up the food quickly ran out. there were probably 90 more children in line that received nothing that feeling would stick with me for weeks it is still with me as my fingers slap these keys.

It is why I have spent time coming up with a way to create awareness and build relationships to have enough resources to make sure nobody is ever left out again.

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  • Tabbie M

    I love what your doing

    February 6, 2019 at 8:31 pm Reply

    • msexton2

      Appreciate it 💙

      February 7, 2019 at 2:49 am Reply

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