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My name is Michael W Sexton II born and raised in Wichita, KS I grew up in a family of 6 and even though we didn’t have much we had eachother. Not being as fortunate as the many other children growing up was different I began to get into fist fights from the constant antagonizing and all the cruel things children do an say to children as the child that I was I had holes in my shoes because I would not get another pair until i absolutely had to. and before my shoes had holes I’d be made fun of because they weren’t name brand. Bad plumbing was an issue at our home that was a expense that was not affordable so we would only shower once a week when we went to my grandmothers every sunday. The smell from not showering was just another thing to be made fun of and another thing to fight about. after eating on newspaper on the floor, the being made fun of and constant fighting you either cave in and submit or you get angry and you grow stronger. I grew angry and I became stronger not necessarily smarter street smarter maybe. I got involved in the wrong things I joined a gang I sold drugs I was 16 The only guy in highschool with a cellphone and two cars that was mine I helped out around the house my brothers had name brand everything. I was living what I thought was the life until I ended being caught and serving over 60 mos in prison for drug possession. while in prison I educated myself I learned how to be presentable in a job interview how to type up a resume I didn’t have any job history but i had education and many jobs I did for different communities while in prison so that is what i put on my resume. I loved to read about self improvement, law , and government while I was away I started to read about economics and then I came across something familiar poverty.


Poverty something I thought I knew so well. I read about children being abandoned because parents could not take care of them, I read about children in Tondo in Manila, Philippines going through rubbish looking for old chicken to boil and eat. 85 filipino children die everyday from starving and malnutrition they die? Wtf how are children dying from not eating and people throw away more food than they eat I have been without food but not to this point. I had my uncle David, my grandmother, my uncle Mike someone would help us a family of 6 or just my 4 brothers if my parents chose to only ask that we ate. so how in the hell are 85 children dying everyday? that is 31,025 children a year that die and everyday I see plates of dinner being posted on facebook and visits to restaurants I can go to a restaurants profile page and see thousands of likes but there is hundreds of thousands of children dying around the world?

Me In payatas

I think I finally found my purpose in life i’m thankful that I was able to actually experience all the things I did in life because although they were not as extreme I am still able to relate I understand the importance of growing up happy without stress without anger the importance of having someone there for you as my uncle David was rest in peace I don’t have the means to help them all. After speaking to a friend while I was in Manila I was told to check out Payatas. I went to visit Payatas January of 2019 and even though I had 150 lunches there was still 90 children in line that did not receive one. so no I don’t have the capabilities but I believe I can make people unaware as I was aware of the situation at hand. I can make people aware of why they need someone to help them as me and my brothers were helped and I know that together we all can create awareness by sharing and as we grow we will together have the resources to make sure nobody is left in line. So I thank you for visiting me and I would thank you even more if we could gain your support by sharing my story by sharing the children of payatas story by giving anything you possibly can to make sure we save as many babies as we can.

Appreciate you!

Michael W Sexton II

” Life is A journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations”

Oliver Goldsmith

Help children of Payatas

A small donation can help combat the 85 children that die a day from going hungry.


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