1. Philippine children have lost their homes, their security, their childhood. In five years, a lot can change. For more than million Filipino children, life has been put on hold as poverty in their home country continues to increase year after year many are left to fend for themselves in Manila. For the Philippines youngest children, poverty, displacement and violence are all they have ever known. UNICEF appeals for urgent funding to help these children and their families to survive this vicious ongoing conflict. More than 1.8 million children inside Manila, remain extremely vulnerable. Many are in grave danger without basic needs like safe shelter, nutrition, access to clean water, healthcare, and education. Healthcare and education are crucial to a child’s opportunity to survive and to thrive. But inside Manila, many hospitals and schools are unavailable to the street children. These children, who have had limited or no access to education or healthcare for several years, are the same children who are to be Manila's next generation of teachers, lawyers, doctors and leaders. help us raise money to provide shelter, education, and a soup kitchen.
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